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GRAFF Wins IFDA Selects Bath Category at AD Design Show 2019

GRAFF, manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered kitchen and bath products, has been announced as the winner of the IFDA Selects bath category: presented by the International Furnishings and Design Association at the Architectural Digest Design Show. Designed by Davide Oppizzi, this futuristic collection is inspired by the density of water and its colors. The IFDA is committed to supporting the furnishings and design industry through the development of its people, their products and their services. IFDA selects and recognizes new, inspiring products and serves as a hallmark for innovative design.

GRAFF’s stunning Ametis Collection caught the judge’s attention with its sleek design along with the booth’s Art of the Bath theme, pairing traditional artwork with modern interpretations. The Ametis Ring, displayed in the GRAFF booth at this year’s show, is a shower fixture that provides a luxurious aesthetic and experience for users through a dual-function cascade and waterfall shower setting. This futuristic showerhead is the perfect product for those looking for modern, cutting-edge design and is a part of a larger shower system that allows for the creation of unified bathroom suite. The ring variation offers a soothing halo effect using LED chromotherapy lighting. The LED lighting is positioned within the shower ring to add a new dimension to its corresponding control column.