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DPHA Awards Ametis Shower Most Innovative Plumbing Product of 2012

When the industry shines its light on your products, as they have with two of ours - we feel compelled to share the good news. At this year's Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association Annual Conference and Product Showcase, taking place in Chicago, our very own Ametis shower won the Innovative Plumbing Product of the Year Award for water delivery. Knowing that the jury was made up of our peers, this award has special meaning to us and we didn't take for granted that people are responding so well to Ametis' unique style.

We are so thrilled that our products are resonating across the industry; both in kitchen and bath design. These accolades fuel us to continue to improve and to continue to push ourselves to do the good work that everyone is responding to. Thank you to everyone!