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GRAFF's Cutting Edge Products l Architect and Interiors

Ms. Emanuela Tavolini, director of Sales Europe, GRAFF, says “Energy-saving and water-saving are now a primary concern for many, GRAFF provides several faucets with water-saving aerator solutions like Solar and Targa. The Solar collection aerator, for example, can reduce the water flow from 11 to 7 litres per minute, with a considerable energy saving.” Most GRAFF mixers are designed with a lever that always closes and opens, while aligning to the faucet’s main body, in the cold position. This means that the faucet is ‘naturally’ set on the cold water positions, avoiding energy wastage.

GRAFF: The company has two new faucet collections: Incanto and Harley. Incanto is characterized by modern square lines and consist of several faucet variations for washbasins, bathtubs and the shower area. Harley mixes contemporary forms with shapes reminiscent of the past with a modest industrial look, reflected in the tubular, softly squared spout, Harley finds a more refined style in the distinctive circular handle.

7) Each piece in GRAFF’s Incanto series of faucets is crafted with a focus on engineering and integrity, resulting in a minimalist and even composition.

8) GRAFF’s Sade is one of their most successful contemporary collections. The harmonious movement of the faucet body recalls the natural gush of water.

9) A ceiling-mounted showerhead with LED from GRAFF. Lighting the bathspace is one of the most exciting developments witnessed by the industry.

LED chromotherapy enhances the therapeutic value of the combination of water and light. GRAFF’s Ametis Ring, for example, is a multi-function showerhead featuring rain and waterfall effects as well as a full=spectrum LED RGB color therapy lighting system with six colors. The main body of the shower, completely empty inside, ins internally designed for that the rainfall flows at a perfect angle, merging exactly below the center of the ring, giving extra enjoyment to the user.

But what exactly is a smart bathroom? Tavolini says, “A bathroom is considered ‘smart’ when it employs technologies that are already familiar to smartphones and tablet users and don’t need, for this reason, any special knowledge to be utilized.” GRAFF adopts smart technologies int eh design of many of its contemporary faucets and shower systems. The Aqua Sense system, for example, is a multi-function shower system that can be easily controlled through a touch screen. The touchpad, in fact, allows the user to control several multimedia and water functions with a simple hand touch.

Bathroom fixtures, too, see color-driven ranges. GRAFF, for instance, offers some of its contemporary collections in two distinctive black and white finishes. The two finishes are both obtained through a powder coating process that makes products resistant to scratches, chipping, abrasion, corrosion, fading, and other wear and tear issues.


Q: What are elements that constitute a contemporary bathroom when it comes to design and water-saving technology?

ET: Chromotheraphy and multi-function shower systems are elements that constitute a contemporary bathroom. Low flow showers are one of the items that are currently most requested by the market.

Q: What are the latest innovations in contemporary bathrooms in terms of shower systems, lighting, faucets, basins, WCs, ECT?

ET: In the bathroom sector, the use of technology certainly represents the biggest innovation. Customers are more ad more interested in shower systems that offer additional functions together with the traditional ones. For this reason, GRAFF has developed the Aqua-Sense shower system, based on the use of the up to date technologies and aimed to meet the most demanding share of clientele. As well as different water functions (light rain, heavy rain and waterfall), the Aqua-Sense shower system provides LED lighting chromotheraphy technology and the possibility of listening to music and watching videos.

Q: What is your best selling product for contemporary bathrooms? What makes it popular?

ET: Sade is one of the most successful contemporary collections. Sade makes minimal design a point of strength, as evidenced by the curved, flat spout. The handle’s gentle curve recalls the spout inclination, enriching the product of charm and refinement. Sade’s silhouette is definitely its hallmark: the harmonious movement of the faucet body recalls the natural gush of water, like an old fountain transformed into a stylish, contemporary object.