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GRAFF® products are manufactured with the highest quality materials and the most advanced technologies available on the market. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, GRAFF has full control over the production process, including the final finishing stage, to consistently deliver exceptional products.


Galvanic and Plated Finishes

Plated finishes are obtained through a process of electrodeposition – an industrial process that uses electric currents to coat metal – of nickel, chrome and other metals on a brass base.

Finish Care and Cleaning


Powder coating finishes

Powder coat finishes are developed with a dry finishing process called electrostatic spray deposition where a fine powder is applied with a gun on a metallic base and then dried at high temperatures.

Powder coat products are resistant to humidity and ultraviolet light and have a long lifespan. In addition to the beautiful texture, the powder coat treatment also reduces the risk of scratching, chipping, abrasions, corrosion and other wear. Vintage Brushed Brass is a liquid epoxy coating with properties similar to powder coat.

Finish Care and Cleaning


Gold finishes

GRAFF’s gold finishes are created by plating 24K gold over a nickel-plated brass surface. The result is an extremely luxurious surface with a rich color.

Finish Care and Cleaning


Living finishes

Living Finishes are unprotected and intended to change in appearance over time, allowing each piece to evolve and develop a unique warmth and character

Gunmetal and Gunmetal Distressed are completed with a process of industrial waxing.

Unfinished Brass and Unfinished Brushed Brass finishes are unprotected raw brass, left unlacquered to allow a gradual, irreversible change towards the look of natural brass. These finishes will oxidize and vary in color based on use and the surrounding environment.

Finish Care and Cleaning


PVD finishes

PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is an innovative surface coating process which allows for a very high level of surface hardness, as well as unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents and house detergents.

PVD finishes are extremely solid and durable over time.

Finish Care and Cleaning