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In line with the trends and tastes of the moment, GRAFF is launching new finishes for its faucet collections.

With a matte effect, the white of the AMETIS collection is a finish obtained through a powder coating process and treated to give the faucets an extremely pleasant look and feel.

The finish coating is highly resistant to scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading, and other wear issues. The treatment guarantees durability and color resistance even after constant daily use for extended periods.

The AMETIS washbasin mixers feature, both in the deck-mounted and in the wall-mounted versions, a LED ring that turns blue when the running water is cold and gradually switches to red as the water warms up. This mechanism, as well as avoiding accidental burns, allows the user to keep the water temperature under control and to avoid unnecessary wastes of energy. The LED ring is powered by an internal dynamo and does not use any electric power generator.

Manufactured in steel, the AMETIS shower column features a full spectrum LED RGB color therapy lighting system with 6 colors as well as rainfall (converging in the center) and waterfall functions. The shower column also includes body sprays, integrated controls (thermostatic and cut-off valves) and a hand shower.

In addition to white, the AMETIS collection is available in polished chrome and black finishes. 

Editor’s note

The AMETIS Ring shower head is compatible with the M-series system.

M Series is a new modular system of concealed elements, designed by GRAFF in order to offer new solutions for the shower area and, at the same time, to make the work of installers, clean, quick and non-invasive.

The new series consists of a thermostatic unit, two diverters and cut-off valves that can be combined in a single and compact mono-bloc.

The M-series system makes it possible to control up to 7 outlets with only 4 handles. 

DAVIDE OPPIZZI DESIGNER: Davide Oppizzi was born in Switzerland in 1971 from an Italian mother and a Swiss father. With a “Latin” character and a love for precision, Oppizzi enrolled at the School of Applied Arts and studied Art of Creation.

In 2001, in Geneva, Davide Oppizzi created DCUBE, an architecture and object design studio where he works, at an international level, focusing on the fields of fashion, interior design, boutiques furnishings, lighting, bathroom design and environmentally friendly technologies. With DCUBE Oppizzi has implemented an experimental exchange platform, open to all horizons; on the other hand, the YOUCUBE label promotes a rich cultural exchange of creativity.  The designer is also the founder of DCUBE Logistics, a hub that combines consulting and logistic activities for the lighting industry.

Since 2007, Oppizzi regularly organizes workshops on light issues and eco-design of products and commercial spaces, in various institutes (HEAD / Masters / Université Haute Ecole d’Art et de Design and Ecole supérieure de Visual Merchandising). Oppizzi is the creator of several avant-garde lighting projects based on new LED technologies and low consumption techniques and designed prestigious spaces including Baume & Mercier, Harry Winston, Mont-Blanc, Vacheron Constantin, Tabbah, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Chopard and Rolex.