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HARLEY & BOLLERO: GRAFF kitchen faucets

GRAFF KITCHEN FAUCETS offering beauty and versatility


GRAFF’s design theme, the Art of Bath, is a concept that permeates not only their bathroom collections but kitchen faucets as well. An American company with a European heart, GRAFF offers various product lines featuring traditional, transitional, contemporary, and industrial styles. GRAFF’s wide range of products in different styles and finishes satisfies all furnishing needs and tastes.


Harley and Bollero are two among 13 presigious GRAFF kitchen collections. These are offered in different types of finishes – organic, galvanic, powder coating, 24K gold, and Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). GRAFF’s PVD finishes are made with an innovative coating process that guarantees a very high level of surface hardness and unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents and cleaning detergents.


Produced in brass with a very low nickel and lead content, GRAFF’s faucets are developed in compliance with drinking water regulations and in accordance with the most restrictive criteria required. GRAFF adheres to the most stringent international standards and is proud to be one of the pioneers in eliminating any minimum lead residue from the water supplied through its faucets.




GRAFF’s Harley kitchen collection perfectly combines classic elements and contemporary details.

An elegant reinterpretation of the industrial and mechanical shape of a luxurious car steering wheel and a motorcycle accelerator, the Harley handle gives the product its uniqueness, making it eclectic and adaptable to contemporary design. The Harley kitchen mixer merges form with function with its pull-out spray head with dual spray and jet function.

It is available in 17 different finishes.



Designed for beautiful and sophisticated kitchens, Bollero is also for those who require extreme functionality: the mixer is equipped with a pull-out spray head, double function (normal and spray), and a revolving spout which is one of the most sought-after features. The Bollero faucet boasts a transitional design with a balanced blend of classic details and modern aesthetic.