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AMETIS RING and DRESSAGE shortlisted for the MUUUZ International Awards

PARIS, FRANCE – Ametis Ring, the multi-function showerhead designed by David Oppizzi, and Dressage, the furniture collection created by studio Nespoli and Novara, are the GRAFF products nominated for the MIAW, the Muuuz International Awards 2015, in the categories "Bathroom - Shower" and "Bathroom Collections."

The Muuuz International Awards are organized annually by ArchiDesignClub, the first French community composed by professionals in the fields of layout, architecture and decoration, in partnership with Muuuz, the leading magazine for the latest trends in architecture and design, present in over 22 countries worldwide.

For three weeks, nearly 22,000 architects, designers, landscapers and interior design specialists, will be consulted to identify the most outstanding new products in architecture, layout and decoration.

For this edition several products have been selected from six major areas: Construction & Development; Coatings & Materials; Furniture & Home; Lighting; Kitchen and Bath and Outdoor & Urban Area. The winning products will be awarded on June 11 at the Grand Intercontinental Hotel Opera in Paris, during an exclusive ceremony broadcast live from


AMETIS RING design Davide Oppizzi – “Bathroom - Shower" category

Drawing inspiration from his experience with water and colors, from the wave’s movement and from the old tradition of Japanese typography, executed with a single brush stroke, this new collection transforms water, such a precious element, in a hymn to purity that allows you to get closer to the most intimate expressions of the soul.

Ametis Ring is a simple but, at the same time, very refined object: the project incorporates many features of high-tech engineering and uses a full-spectrum LED RGB color therapy lighting system with 6 colors. The showerhead’s main body, completely empty inside, is internally designed so that the rainfall flows in a perfect angle, merging exactly below the center of the ring. Manufactured in steel, for a long-life guarantee, Ametis Ring integrates a LED system that gives the object a new dimension thanks to indirect light, a concept still not widely used in bathroom design.

The showerhead has two distinct functions: the user can easily switch from the "rain" effect to the "waterfall" jet. Available in chrome, matte black and matte white (both obtained through a powder coating process).


DRESSAGE design studio Nespoli e Novara – "Bathroom - Collections " category

Minimal elegance and aesthetic balance are the notes that define the Dressage collection and make it perfectly suited to the most cutting-edge interior design and architecture.

The strong artisan component represents one of the distinctive elements of a collection designed for the bathroom, but inspired by the world of interior design. The warmth of tradition, transmitted by the use of solid wood, meets with the functionality of an innovative material such as DuPont™ Corian®.

The main furniture piece is a free-standing unit in solid wood, compact and functional. All the elements for the water supply and discharge are housed inside, invisible from the outside. The unit can be equipped with a sink in solid wood and DuPont ™ Corian® and accompanied by a tray, towel hook, set of drawers and rotating mirror.

The tub is constituted from a sheet of thermoformed DuPont ™ Corian® coupled with solid wood. Its transverse cut creates an invitation to enter the bath and the higher zone allows the user to stretch and relax. The tub is designed to live in the center of the room, in its free-standing version with a headrest and shelf for holding cosmetics.