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GRAFF’s MOD+ faucet collection offers personalized versatility

Creation, innovation, and perfection—these values have underpinned GRAFF’s ‘Art of Bath’ philosophy. The internationally recognized brand continues its strong will to further enhance the power of design innovation to intensify the architecture of the space through the MOD+ collection.


MOD+ is an extremely rich and diversified collection which adapts to all styles: from the most traditional to contemporary. An abundant and inspiring range of handles and spouts come in various finishes and designs, allowing a high degree of design freedom. Exclusive custom finishes made of natural stone and extravagant textures broaden the range of options for personalized customization and versatility. ⁠


GRAFF President Ziggy Kulig comments, “GRAFF is committed to presenting the best bathing experiences in the personal space of your house with exceptional style and selection of precious raw material innovations in a way that exceeds your expectations.”


The MOD+ collection offers a wide range of faucets, tub fillers, and shower components epitomizing modern luxury, weaving iconic threads of colour, material, and functionality for a design that is undeniably distinct in versatility, aesthetic, and operation.




The GRAFF journey begun in early 70’s when a young man named Ziggy Kulig moved from Europe to the US with a big dream to make a difference in the industry by bringing creation, innovation, and perfection and changing impression by pathbreaking industry norms. Driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for European design and American ingenuity, he opened the first operations in 1982. In order to meet the increasing demands of the market, Ziggy Kulig acquired Valvex, a European valve and faucet manufacturer founded in 1922. Utilizing old-world craftsmanship and new-age technology, all products are produced with the utmost precision and care. 


Being a vertically-integrated manufacturer, each product is being engineered, manufactured, and inspected in-house, giving GRAFF total control of every step in the manufacturing process. GRAFF’s artisans rely on expertise honed from years of experience in turning exciting raw ideas into tangible goods.

GRAFF takes pride in its sustainable practices. From implementing ISO 14001 and meeting the rigorous Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standards, to offering products that respect strict conservation standards, GRAFF is committed to turning their passion for the environment into action.