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GRAFF at Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown: a touch of personality.

GRAFF at Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown: a touch of personality.

In the magnificent Georgetown setting, Capella Washington D.C., Georgetown is a unique place where history, luxury, nature, wellness and excellent cuisine flourish together. Located along the historic "C & O " Canal, the Capella Hotel offers its guests quality entertainment and several attractions, including the lively cultural center of Washington, with its museums, galleries and unique shops; Constellation & Dinner, a delicious dinner followed by a panoramic tour to admire the stars through a telescope; the service of Angel Cervantes, one of the best bartenders in Washington;  excellent cuisine, recognized throughout the world; a rooftop pool; wellness and fitness center and meeting places in classical style.

Each room at the Capella Hotel, is designed to anticipate the desires of customers: from the bedside touch -button technology to the bathrooms, designed to offer customers the ultimate in relaxation.

Sade and Qubic, the GRAFF faucet collections, are a perfect addition to this environment: a feature dedicated to the well-being of the unique 5-star hotel’s guests. The collections, specially manufactured to meet the hotel’s request, are an expression of GRAFF’s ability to customize the products according to style and design requirements. The two collections elegantly decorate the luxurious bathrooms, welcoming the many guests with extreme comfort. Sometimes simplicity is deceiving. The GRAFF collections, Sade and Qubic, could not be further away from this concept. Shiny and elegant, they represent an architectural element with a defined contemporary design. With a curved flat spout, the Sade faucet is characterized by a pair of handles that recall the spout’s inclination, giving the product an extra hint of charm. Square and cube-shaped, as already announced by its name, Qubic confers strength and stability to the washbasin and the bathroom as a whole. Unique and very high quality, it’s the perfect choice for a hotel of this caliber.

Manufactured in solid brass with a minimum level of nickel and lead, to guarantee its long life – GRAFF’s warranty is five years - the faucet has been developed in compliance with all drinking water regulations and the most restrictive criteria required for the protection of health and the environment. The collections Sade and Qubic consist of many products in the finishes of PC (polished chrome) and SN (satin nickel). Qubic is also available in the black and white finishes (PC / BK and PC / WT).