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GRAFF Introduces Expanded Portfolio of Finishes

GRAFF, manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered kitchen and bath products has fused the clean, modern lines for which its collections are known with six opulent new finish offerings. Pushing beyond the expected and inspired by current color trends, each new finish aims to set a precedent for luxury in the bath. Finishes imbue bold, glamorous styles that accentuate GRAFF’s forward-thinking collections, and include OR’osa PVD, Onyx PVD, Gunmetal, Gunmetal Distressed, Unfinished Brass and Unfinished Brushed Brass. The sophisticated line-up of finish tones include:

OR'osa™ PVD: As the name suggests, this finish is distinguished by its rose gold saturation and glossy surface, enhancing fixtures with a sumptuous sheen. This finish features an innovative surface coating process (Physical Vapor Deposition), which allows it to obtain a very high level of surface hardness, as well as unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents and detergents.

Onyx PVD: This finish recalls the color of black onyx to match the ever-popular, modern design schemes infiltrating luxury bathrooms. Both functional and sleek, the Onyx finish provides a unique and striking appearance, creating a design focal point in the bath.

Gunmetal & Gunmetal Distressed: With a solid, appealing texture, Gunmetal feels pleasing and soft to the touch. Fading to the edges, the color contains elements of dark grey mixed with warm hints of brown. The distressed look emulates a hammered, stone surface with the same tone as the original Gunmetal. Both finishes are obtained through a galvanic plating process, completed with an industrial waxing procedure. The soft, waxed look can be periodically revitalized by applying wax manually.

Unfinished Brass & Unfinished Brushed Brass: A fresh interpretation of a classic finish pairing, GRAFF has reimagined what it means to select a brass finish. Considered living finishes, Unfinished Brass and Unfinished Brushed Brass are intended to age and change in appearance over time. The surface texture on the Unfinished Brushed Brass finish allows for a smoother, subtle tone over time.