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Pantone’s 2022 Color of the Year, Very Peri (periwinkle blue), has captured the attention of designers and homeowners around the world as they explore ways of adding a warm, upbeat hue to interiors. Although it’s been crowned Color of the Year, Very Peri’s appeal is clearly timeless.


Very Peri infuses interiors with a fresh allure that inspires and enlivens. Complementing metallic, organic, or neutral colors and finishes, Very Peri’s red-violet-infused blue adds verve and vibrancy. Whether providing a pop of color or the color scheme for a space, Very Peri projects creativity and dynamism.


Drawing on a rich heritage of design expertise, GRAFF offers innovative ideas for elevating interiors by incorporating Very Peri into the home.


Living Color


Floral arrangements are one of the easiest ways to add Very Peri to interiors and an excellent way to experiment if you’re not yet ready to commit to it. Fortunately, plenty of blooms beside the titular periwinkle displays Very Peri. Give your floral arrangements and interiors variety by exploring the Very Peri hues found in delphinium, mini aster, hydrangea, iris, orchid, lavender, veronica, and hyacinth.


Color Harmony


As interior design and home furnishings companies have launched new collections featuring Very Peri, options for incorporating it into the home have soared.  Products including paint, tile, countertops, furniture, carpets, towels, and wallpaper are all available in Very Peri. As homeowners are considering these options, they’re also looking for décor in colors that will harmonize with Very Peri.


Very Peri in the Bath Space


Very Peri infuses interiors with a sense of optimism that reflects GRAFF’s philosophy of stimulating positive emotions such as joy and tranquility through design artistry in the bath scape. Paired with Very Peri, GRAFF fixtures can transform the bath space into an exquisite personal wellness sanctuary that comes alive with warm colors.


GRAFF’s fixture collections blend seamlessly with Very Peri, and, as the color does, with infinite interior styles. With modern takes on classic styles, GRAFF’s Vignola Collection is inspired by Bologna’s iconic porticos, while the Lauren Collection takes its cues from the Golden Age of Hollywood. The collections engage in harmonious interplay with Very Peri, whether the color is used as an accent or more prominently throughout the personal wellness space.


GRAFF’s ring showerhead from its cutting-edge Ametis Collection glows with LED lights in six chromotherapy colors that harmonize with Very Peri elements. You can further enhance the experience with Very Peri aromatherapy by adding freshly-cut lavender to the bath space


GRAFF also makes it easy to incorporate Very Peri in the bath space with fixture finishes and inserts that harmonize with the popular color. GRAFF’s Smoky White Marble and Storm Black Marble inserts pair beautifully with Very Peri. GRAFF’s 20 luxurious finishes, including 24K Polished Gold, Architectural White and Brushed Nickel complement Very Peri in a variety of design settings.


The sleek tubs and sinks of GRAFF’s Desideri collections elevate Very Peri’s richness in bath environments ranging from industrial chic and contemporary to traditional and transitional. The minimalist curves and Gloss or Matte White surfaces of Desideri collections like Harmonie, Tephi, and Musa provide a stunning counterpoint to Veri Peri’s deep hues. This eye-pleasing interplay is further enhanced with any of GRAFF’s 20 luxurious fixture finishes, such as Polished Chrome, 24K Brushed Gold, Architectural White, and Polished Nickel.


1. GRAFF’s Luna Collection spout and handles in a Polished Chrome finish harmonize with Very Peri.
Photo courtesy of Pantone
Photo courtesy of Pantone
GRAFF’s metallic fixture finishes and bathtubs in Matte or Gloss White complement Very Peri’s undertones.


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