Where is GRAFF located?

GRAFF is headquartered in Milwaukee, WI with offices throughout Europe.

Where are GRAFF products manufactured?
All GRAFF products are manufactured in US and Europe. GRAFF is a true manufacturer, unlike many other faucet companies.  We own our own ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities.

Where can I purchase your products?
GRAFF products are sold in plumbing showrooms worldwide.  The best way to find the closest location is to use our showroom locator.

Where can I find technical information for my product?
All technical documents are available on our website by searching for the product number, and can easily be downloaded & printed. Click here to access our product search tool.

Where can I find my product’s model number?
Model numbers can be found on your product’s box or in the installation manual. If your product box or manual is unavailable but you know the collection name, please search for the collection name using our product search tool and visually choose your product from the list of images. 

What is a "pressure-balancing" tub and shower?
A pressure-balancing tub or shower balances incoming hot and cold water pressure to compensate for water flow fluctuations. Balancing the water flow keeps temperatures constant and comfortable, within ±3°F of the original temperature setting, despite other demands such as flushing the toilet or starting the washing machine.

When should I use a pressure balance valve (PBV) or thermostatic valve?
US plumbing codes dictate that showers be constructed with either a pressure balance valve or a thermostatic valve.  Both valves are safe to use and your decision should be based on what your needs are. Pressure balance valves are most commonly used in guest bathrooms or bathrooms with smaller shower systems.  The temperature needs to be adjusted each time you use the shower. Thermostatic valves are a better solution especially when more water flow is needed.  With this type of valve you can select the temperature and the valve keeps the mixed water temperature constant. Each time you turn on your valve it automatically adjusts to the preset desired temperature.

How do I clean my faucet?
When cleaning and polishing your faucet we recommend using non abrasive dish soap and water.  It's always best to use water and a soft cloth.

If I have a question during installation who do I call?
Please call the GRAFF technical support center at 800-954-4723.

Does GRAFF manufacture any faucets with living finishes?
GRAFF’s Unfinished Brass (UB), Unfinished Brushed Brass (UBB), Gunmetal (GM) and Gunmetal Distressed (GMD) finishes are considered living finishes intended to change in appearance over time. These finishes will develop a unique character and weather aspect based on the environment and individual use. Living finishes are particular and require special care and attention.

Is there a warranty on GRAFF products?
Yes. A limited lifetime warranty.

Click here for GRAFF's full North America warranty.