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GRAFF Presents Dressage l Architecture Update

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GRAFF presents Dressage, a luxurious furniture collection for the bathroom

GRAFF presented their most luxurious furniture collection for the bathroom. Dressage is harmony, geometry and versatility. The furniture vanity is a carrying element in solid wood, compact and functional. The solid wood, warm and precious, is the mainstay of the collection. All elements of the water supply and water discharge are located inside, hidden from the eye. The bathtub is composed of a thermoformed Corian® DuPont™ panel combined with solid wood. The angular cut all along its entire section creates an invitation for entering and an elevated area that allows one to stretch and relax. It is imagined to live in the centre of a home space, in its free-standing version, with a headrest made of leather and a shelf for storing beauty products. Each object is autonomous and versatile, but can be part of an overall picture which can be arranged gradually in time including the principal ambiences of the house.

Inspired craftsmanship and impeccable charm characterize Dressage, a project born from the partnership with Studio Nespoli e Novara.