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GRAFF Aqua-Sense l 100 Idee per Ristrutturare

The Shower of the Future

(translated from Italain) Aqua Sense of GRAFF is a sensory experience, a shower system that incorporates the concept SPA and wellness, through four design elements:

-The Electronic system with overhead ceiling effect RGB, speakers and touchscreen creates a rain like a waterfall. L LED RGB change color, creating a spectacular effect. The system is driven by a touchscreen interface simple and intuitive, which controls the function of the water jet, changes color, controls music

-The waterfall wall;

-The rainfall wall bracket with waterfall and rain;

-The rainfall wall bracket with waterfall, rain and LED RGB

In the production system of Graff, each process achieves substantial efficiency standards. In line with the commitment in the field of environmental sustainability, collection products Aqua Sense are some of the most sustainable company in America.