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Sento from GRAFF l Bagno e Accessori

GRAFF Europe

(translated from Italian) GRAFF based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA) and branches in different parts of Europe, is recognized worldwide for its unique vision and for the originality of its products that create new trends. Advanced production technologies combined with long manufacturing tradition allow Graff to create innovative products and high quality.

The creativity of Angeletti Ruzza design and their ability to convey emotion through a rigorous and essential design, born Sento, the collection is characterized by pure forms, harmonious, the result of careful research design that enhances the expressive power of the material. A complete system of taps and a number of properties to the wall and floor and useful functional combining lightness and strength, elements other than visually stunning and dale line definitely essential, available in the following finishes: polished chrome, black and white, with effect and matte material, made of powdered coating.