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If you’re planning to create a bath space where luxury and sustainability go hand in hand, you’ll find a wealth of reasons and options for designing your own eco-friendly wellness sanctuary.


In addition to saving water, energy, and the environment, sustainable bath spaces can also provide health benefits like cleaner air and water and more mood-boosting sunlight. They often use materials that are replenishable or recyclable and that promote a sense of calm and connection to nature. GRAFF bath fixtures feature cutting-edge design and conserve water and energy with state-of-the-art technology, establishing a firm foundation for a sustainable luxury bath space.


Stylish Sustainable Materials


Designers are increasingly using eco-friendly and sustainable materials as high-end features in the most luxurious bath spaces. From floors and walls to countertops and fixtures, materials that are renewable, recyclable, and durable are the definition of style.

For floors, sustainable materials like concrete, ceramic, bamboo board, and Tagua or cork tiles are popular options. Bamboo board is also a chic eco-friendly alternative for bathroom cabinets and walls, providing a sleek, warm look. Radiant heated bathroom floors reduce reliance on central heating systems and distribute heat more efficiently, saving energy.

Durable, recyclable stone and slate, and reclaimed wood walls offer eco-friendly style with a luxurious, earthy feel. Living green walls help insulate walls, conserve water and heat and reduce air pollution in bath spaces. Plants like ferns, succulents, and air plants are some of the best choices for indoor living walls.


Sleek bathroom countertops made of long-lasting, recyclable materials like granite, quartz, and marble add an elegant feel to bath spaces. The durability of metals like brass and steel reduces the need for replacement, making them eco-friendly options for fixtures. They’re also continuously recyclable, so they’re environmentally sustainable choices.


Made of brass and virtually free from nickel and lead, GRAFF faucets are manufactured and developed in compliance with all current drinking water regulations, based on the most restrictive health and environmental protection criteria.



Skylights and windows provide eco-friendly natural lighting and create a sense of openness and airiness in the bath space. Glass brick walls can also help bring light in from other rooms and from outdoors. But when you also want lighting that isn’t dependent on sunny weather, LED lights offer the best choice.


LED lights use less energy and last longer than incandescent lights do. They also offer more color choices and light up more quickly. Unlike fluorescent lights, LED lights are easier to safely discard because they don’t contain mercury, a toxic chemical element.


GRAFF uses LED lights to enhance wellness, comfort, and sustainability. Its Ametis Collection features an LED light ring around the faucet handle that changes color to indicate variations in the water temperature, and the Ametis shower head ring features soothing 6-color LED chromotherapy lighting.


Water and Energy Conservation


Beautiful bath fixtures that are designed to save water and energy are an essential feature of the luxury sustainable bath space. Many GRAFF bathroom faucets and showerheads are certified to meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) WaterSense criteria for high-performing products that provide measurable water savings.


WaterSense-labeled faucets—or aerators that can be installed on existing bathroom faucets—are about 20% more efficient than standard faucets while still providing sufficient water flow. GRAFF’s thermostatic shower systems save water and energy and elevate comfort by maintaining a consistent pre-selected water temperature and controlling the flow.




It’s also important to consider manufacturing processes when evaluating luxury bath features and fixtures for sustainability. GRAFF’s production system follows Lean Manufacturing Management criteria aimed at eliminating any waste of time, energy, and materials. In many of its processes, GRAFF has implemented a zero-waste system that recycles 100% of brass and paper products. GRAFF complies with ISO 14001, meeting rigorous international Environmental Management Systems (EMS) standards for sustainable practices.


1. GRAFF’s Luna shower in polished chrome finish
2. GRAFF’s Bali Collection in 24K Polished Gold finish
3. Ametis handle with LED light to show changes in water temperature


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