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Five Easy Ways to Shorten your Shower

Five Easy Ways to Shorten your Shower

See big results in your water consumption with a few small changes

In the US, almost 17% of in home water use is for showering. Shortening your shower by 2 minutes can save up to 6 gallons of water a day. Over the course of a year you could save 2,000 gallons of water with those 2 minutes a day. With California still facing one of the worst droughts in history, here are five fun and easy ways you can shorten your shower this summer.

  1. Create a playlist – pick your top songs that get you excited for the day and make the time match your desired shower length. Finish before your playlist is over.

  2. Plug the drain – As the water reaches your ankles, it’s time to get out.

  3. Turn off the shower between lathers – give your tap a break in between lathering and rinsing.

  4. Get a partner – have someone hold you responsible for your shower time. If you go over your limit have them knock on the door or turn off the water heater.

  5. Take a cold shower - Nothing will make you move faster than a little adrenaline from a cold shower.


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