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Bring the Spa Home

Bring the Spa Home

Chromotherapy: how to use color to benefit your health

We’ve all heard that color can affect us in different ways and different colors can elicit different moods. But, what if we look further into the effects of color. Not just how brands use the psychology of color to prompt different emotions in us, but how we can use color to truly affect our mood, change our energy, and feel a new sense of wellness.

The idea of chromotherapy has been around for centuries. The ancient Greeks shared the belief that light and colors were paramount for human health and could be used for treatment of several disorders. During the 1950s and 60s, studies found that neonatal jaundice, found in premature babies, could be treated using blue light instead of high-risk blood transfusions.

Chromotherapy, derived from Ayurvedic medicine, is based on the idea that colors release vibrational energies or frequencies on the human body and applying different lights to specific parts of the body can correct energy imbalances. It is believed that certain conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, cramps, migraines, high-blood pressure and more can be improved using chromotherapy. 

Each color on the visible light spectrum has a different frequency or energy. Red has a long wavelength and low frequency while violet has a short wavelength and higher frequency.  It is thought that our organs and glands also have their own specific frequencies that correlate with the different colors. If a part of your body is sick or has an energy imbalance, the color with the corresponding frequency is thought to restore the correct energy and return health.

Bring the Spa Home

Violet means serenity and could improve creative thinking. This color lends itself to renewal and can aid in addiction, delusions and detoxification.

Blue helps improve communication and speech and brings about peace and wisdom. Blue is a cooling color and could relieve inflammations, itching, fever and headaches.

Green is for relaxing and helps with stress and anxiety. It can be used for most conditions in need of healing, including kidney diseases, hormonal imbalances, high-blood pressure and more.

Yellow represents warmth and optimism. It may strengthen the nerves and improve intellect and critical thinking. It can also aid in digestion and stomach conditions.

Orange liberates the body and mind, relieving constraints. It is a warm color that supports social interaction, enthusiasm and can benefit people with depression.

Red brings warmth and motivation. It is a passionate color meant to draw out your instincts and self-awareness. It energizes the organs and senses and can be used to promote health for people with colds or exhaustion.

This holistic belief has grown in popularity and can now be found at many leading spas and hotels. Some even incorporate music and aromatherapy as well as color therapy into their sessions.

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