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GRAFF's Kitchen Faucets, Sleekstone and Aquasense l Hotelier

GRAFF, for instance, offers a wide selection of kitchen faucets with different designs and functionalities that make them a very useful tool for daily washing operations. Its faucets are equipped with a pull out or side spray and have a revolving spout. 


GRAFF developed Sleekstone, a patented composite material that combines dolomic stone with a resin that creates a solid surface product. 


GRAFF's Aqua-sense shower program offers a wide selection of solutions for every need. The Aqua-sense multifunction system, for example, offers several additional and comfortable functions if compared with a normal showerhead.

"The RGB LED chromotherapy, for example, changes color to the whole ambiance, shaping diffused chromatic lines to produce a soothing effect of the bathroom environment. The system is controlled by a touch-screen with simple and intuitive interface controlling water functions, color changes, music and videos. The music is easily uploaded by connecting an iPod to a wall-mounted USB port, while the speakers are ceiling-installed. The system is well equipped with hand shower and adjustable side body sprays. From watching videos and listening to music to enjoying color therapy, the Aqua-sense shower system provides a multimedia experience through the use of touchpad technology," explained Emanuela Tavolini, director, sales, Europe, GRAFF.