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GRAFF Ametis Shower l K+BB

Merit Award

Ametis Shower System by GRAFF

If there ever was a shower system to make your neighbors feel uncool, this would be it. Designed by Davide Oppizzi, of industrial design firm DCUBE, Ametis reinterprets the shower column as a 63-in. tall, ultra-hip sculpture topped off with a halo-like steel bar capable of dousing bathers with a rainshower or waterfall. Also sleekly integrated are four body sprays and an outlet for a handshower. And just because Ametis’ aesthetic ambitions are that much loftier, LEDs integrated into the top of the shower bar ensure the halo glows. Judges’ descriptors ranged from “beautiful” and “stunning” to “sexy” and “drop-dead gorgeous.” Yes, looks do matter.