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Water Saving Products from GRAFF l Architect and Interiors


Maurizio Meloda, technical and operations director, GRAFF, explains, “Our Solar collection aerator, for example, can reduce the flow of water from 11 to 7 litres per minute, which is a considerable saving. GRAFF is also compliant with the LEED (Leadership in Environment and Energy Design) green building rating system. This third-party certification program is a benchmark for the construction of energy-saving components and buildings.

A similar touch-driven operation hallmarks GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense shower system. Meloda says, “Some shower systems, like GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense, controlled by a touch-panel, offer a choice of several rain flows and the possibility of a light water-saving shower rain. Furthermore, with Aqua-Sense, the water shuts down automatically after 10 minutes if left on by mistake.

Material Impact

High visual appeal and efficiency are undoubtedly important, but new products do not ignore their material make-up, are now using those that are easy to clean – like GRAFF’s Sleek-Stone, a composite material that combines dolomitic stone with a unique resin, which the company introduced earlier this year as a full program of new bathtubs and washbasins. Meloda explains, “New material definitely adds efficient to all the bathroom fixtures. Our Sleek-Stone’s durable properties make its surfaces easy to clean while requiring minimal maintenance.

The trend for water-saving products and energy-efficient bath fixtures is gaining popularity, even as consumers are becoming increasingly environment-conscious. When it comes to making the right choice, faucets need to be chosen primarily in accordance with the shape of the basin and the whole bathroom design. “A very tall faucet is not usually suited to a short basin, for example. Apart from the design criteria, the dimension of faucets doesn’t generally affect its functions,” explains Meloda.


GRAFF’s Sleek-Stone features a warm-to-touch feel paired with a unique and luxurious smoothness. Offering users and exclusive and elegant bathroom experience. Each product is crafted utilizing a combination of the latest, state-of-the-art casting technology and artisanal processes. Sleek-Stone is available in gloss or matte white finishes. Showcased in a range of silhouettes and installations – round, oval, rectangular and square, free-standing or drop in, floor-mounted or deck-mounted – the Sleek-Stone basins exhibits a luxurious aesthetic and are a source of relaxation for users.