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GRAFF Introduces Incanto l Sleeper

Bathroom manufacturer GRAFF has unveiled its new Incanto collection. Available in deck-mounted, wall-mounted and freestanding variations with single-lever and three-hole options, the faucet series offers both versatility in its appearance and application.

Sculpted from a modern block core and contrasted with geometric elements, Incanto is offered in fourteen finishes including OR’osa PVD, Onyx PVD, Gunmetal and 24K Brushed Gold, and features a streamlined shape inspired by classic geometries and modern minimalism.

“Our goal is to not only design-based, but to create products that are cutting-edge in every sense of the phrase,” says Ziggy Kulig, President and CEO of GRAFF. “The Incanto Collection does just that, pushing boundaries in aesthetics, as well practicality. With countless coordinated design options, each space has the power to stand in its own original composition.”

The single-hole faucet emerges from a square base and flows into a rectangular frame at a precise 90-degree angle. The base and spout are connected without a break in material, while the spout takes on a slimmer format to create an elegant contrast between elements. Meanwhile, the faucet’s lever is designed with an angular divot and a flat rectangular top, with the backside featuring a diagonal cut to ensure flexibility and control of water temperature and pressure.

Similarly, the collection’s three-hole option is designed with the water source melded into the seamless rectangular shape, and is complemented with handles installed to the right and left of centre. Mirroring the lever design of the one-hole option, the three-hole levers share an angled silhouette based on a 90-degree cut out, and are capped with a rectangular block and square bases.

The wall-mounted model, meanwhile, exhibits a contemporary style with its two-part arrangement. The spout delivers water through an elongated rectangular jet and is controlled by an adjacent singular lever, while the downward facing lever allows for installation on either the right or left of the spout.

Incanto’s range also encompasses a Roman bathtub set with a deck-mounted hand shower for a spa-like experience. Both the deck-mounted hand shower and floor-mounted bathtub filler follow the styling of the collection’s bases, with a rectangular block base serving as the central focal point.

Further, matching shower components include the M-Series Shower System, Full Pressure Balancing Shower System and a full line of coordinating accessories such as a soap dish and towel bar. Each piece has been designed to seamlessly integrate with the larger collection, maintaining the versatility for which GRAFF is known.

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