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New From GRAFF l Washroom & Beyond

GRAFF Introduces Harley, a Collection Inspired by the Automotive World

GRAFF, the manufacturer of innovative faucets and shower systems, introduced Harley, a collection inspired by the imaginary of the automotive world. Harley is the faucet collection that revolutionizes ergonomics and aesthetics in the bathroom. It includes one-hole, two-ole and three-hole versions for the sink, the bathtub and the bidet; wall, floor or deck-mounted models also in the variant with the linear lever, always knurled for an ergonomic grip. For the bathtub, the free-standing filler stands out for its elegance; for the sink, the manifold wall-mounted version provides numerous solutions; for the shower area, the collection includes several wall-mounted items, including those compatible with the M-series and Uni-box systems.

The Harley collection is available in many precious finishes, including Onyx, a PVD finish as attractive as it is durable and long lasting. The progressive cartridge, inside, allows to control the flow rate and to move from cold water to mixed water and hot water by simple turning the handle; this way the waste of hot water at the minimum opening of the faucet is avoided.

The handle rotation, in fact, increases the water flow and the temperature at the same time and always goes back to the cold position when the faucet is closed. The G+Design studio worked very carefully on the details of the handle to create a beautiful, practical and functional solution. The handle is deliberately knurled and the surface is ridged to prevent slipping even with wet or soapy hands. The ergonomic shape provides the possibility to insert the fingers inside the handle or to operate the controls by gripping them from the outside.

GRAFF President and CEO Ziggy Kulig comments, “GRRAFF is the first company in the world to have adopted the strictest international standards to eliminate any residual lead from the water dispensed by its faucets.”

Design Trends in Small Bathrooms

Emanuela Tavolini, Director of Sales Europe, Middle East and Asia, GRAFF stresses on the importance of functionality of the elements in small bathrooms, “Functionality is the key for small bathrooms. Small rooms can easily lead to unwanted clutter, more so if additional design elements are functional knick-knacks or objects that don’t serve a purpose. Minimize counter space by storing rather than displaying personal products. Now, there is an increasing rends for industrial traditional materials like raw metallic components or wood applied to interior design.”

She further adds “There’s no need to keep a small bathroom plain and minimalist. If you love vintage style, then go for it. Clever storage will stop a small bathroom from feeling cluttered and maintain a feeling of space and sophistication.”