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GRAFF Introduces Harley l Better Interiors

GRAFF’s latest offering Harley is a collection of faucets with contemporary lines and takes inspiration from the automobiles, particularly the two- wheel world. The Harley handle gives the product its uniqueness – it’s the elegant reinterpretation of the industrial and mechanical shape of the car steering wheel. Creators, G+Design Studio, worked very carefully on the details of the handle to devise a beautiful, particle and function solution. Its ergonomic shape provides the possibility to insert the fingers inside the handle, or to operate the controls by gripping them from the outside. The handle is deliberately knurled, and the surface is ridged to prevent slipping even with we tor soapy hands. The series includes versions for the washbasin, bathtub, bidet and the shower area; and are available in popular finishes, including Onyx, a PVD finish which both is attractive and durable.