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The Traditional Bali Collection l Abraxas Lifestyle

GRAFF’s latest collection, titled Bali, is based on an innovative concept of Lean Manufacturing Management, which aims to eliminate excess consumption of time, energy and materials, so that each process achieves substantial efficiency standards. Even in the casting process, and in the finishing and galvanic treatments, GRAFF uses a zero-discharge system that recycles 100% of brass and paper. In line with the evolution and changes in lifestyle, Bali, created by the young designers of the G+ Design studio, reinterprets design trends that come from the past, in a modern way.

Bali is essential, the pure form stands out thanks to the perfect combination of sensuality and rigor. A timeless collection; sinuous lines created to satisfy any type of design; showers, freestanding elements, wall-mounted solutions. The classic faucet architecture – body- mouth- lever is redefined in favor of a harmonious cylindrical shape, which recalls an old 1800’s water pump.

It’s the perfect product for those looking for a traditional style that coexists with modern elements, especially when choosing the special finishes in “industrial” style. Available in polished chrome, antique brushed brass, olive bronze, Steelnox and antique copper.