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GRAFF revamps its Timeless ‘Bali’ collection with a ‘Take on Gold’

GRAFF, the worldwide manufacturer known for the quality and exclusivity of innovative faucets and shower systems, reintroduces its Bali Collection with a touch of 24K gold.

Designed by G+Design Studio, Bali is a timeless collection that satisfies any type of furnishing project with wall-mounted fixtures, shower sets, and freestanding elements. These artful architectural pieces are born out of this concept: a stylistic reimagination of existing lines in a resolutely modern way. The all-new Bali Collection is available in Galvanic, Organic, Powder and Gold versions as well as in PVD—Physical Vapor Deposition—an innovative finishing process that leads to a very high level of surface hardness together with unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents and cleaning detergents....