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Summer Cool Down - Top 5 Reasons to Take a Cold Shower

Summer Cool Down - Top 5 Reasons to Take a Cold Shower

Little-Known Wellness Benefits of a Cold Shower

Whether on purpose or as a result of being the last to shower in a full household, taking a cold shower may be a blessing in disguise. According to health and fitness experts, cold showers may actually offer wellness-boosting benefits for your body and skin.

  1. Increased Energy
    The shock of the cold water hitting your body will result in deeper breaths and an increase in your heart rate which leads to a rush of blood throughout your entire body.  This provides a natural energy boost for the day.

  2. Improved Circulation  
    Cold water leads blood to surround your organs to keep you warm and gets your blood circulating leading the arteries to pump blood more efficiently. This promotes overall heart health.

  3. Muscle Recovery  
    Athletes have been known to take ice baths after a tough work out, but a quick rinse in a cold shower can have the same effects. After a tenuous workout at the gym a cold shower can help alleviate delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). 

  4. Hair and Skin Health  
    Warm water leads to dry skin and can strip away your natural oils too quickly. Conversely, cold water tightens your skin as it constricts blood flow resulting in shinier and healthier skin and hair.

  5. Weight Loss
    The idea that cold showers can help to burn fat is based on our body’s ability to keep warm. When you’re exposed to extreme cold, your body is forced to burn more calories while it tries to warm up. This is the same idea behind raising your metabolism by drinking cold water. Your body has to do more work to raise the temperature of the water.


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