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GRAFF's Luna and Ametis Ring l Ideal Home and Garden

Winner of the prestigious Interior Design Best of Year Awards in the Bath section, GRAFF Luna's singular design is supreme not only for its distinctive shape, but also for the mirror-like finish, which gives its surface a highly reflective effect. Equipped with an aerator, the Luna faucet has a flow rate of five liters per minute with a three bar pressure. Available with wall-mounted or deck-mounted handles as a lavatory faucet, the collection also includes an original shower column recalling the curve of the spout. 


Ametis Ring by GRAFF is certainly an avant-garde project, recognisable by its fluid deisgn and light effect. It s simple, but, at the same time, very refined object incorporating many features of high-tech engineering, and uses a full spectrum LED RGB colour therapy lighting sustem with six colours. The shower heads main body, completely empty inside, is internally designed so that the rainfall flows in a perfect angle, merging exactly below the centre of the ring.