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Bathroom Fixtures with GRAFF l Architect and Interiors

Emanuela Tavolini, director of sales Europe, GRAFF, informs, "GRAFF offers, within its wide wellness program, several shower systems that provide LED chromotherapy along with different kinds of water jets and body sprays. With the Aqua-sense multi-function shower head, three different water functions can be integrated with a touch-screen and a set of speakers, that you can watch films and listen to music.


Enhancing Bathroom Design

Tavolini feels that bath fixtures have their own personality and styles, and adds that design faucets are developed to satisfy market trends and tasks. GRAFF has cutting-edge faucet and shower collections that offer solutions in both contemporary bathrooms and timeless bathrooms. 


New On The Block

GRAFF has expanded the range of finish offerings with the addition of an 18K Brushed Gold. The new finish accentuates the gracious, curvilinear lines and ornate details that come together with GRAFF's extensive range of refined features. The 18K Brushed Gold acts as a compliment to eight of GRAFF's star collections, including the modern M.E. 25 collection for the bathroom. Other collections available i the new finish are: Finezza UNO and DUEM.E., SadeSentoTarga and Topaz.


Tavolini believes that multi-function showerheads are definitely a must-have for contemporary bathrooms. "Together with traditional brass showerheads, GRAFF offers a wide range of solutions, including extra slim stainless steel showerheads, wall-mounted double-function shower heads with rain and waterfall, ceiling mounted elements equipped with LED lights or mist function," she says.


GRAFF products are equipped with aerators that reduce the flow rate of its faucets. "For example, the aerator available for the solar washbasin faucet can reduce the flow rate from 11 to 7 liters per minute," says Tavolini.