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GRAFF's Exclusive New Material Sleek-Stone® l DPHA

GRAFF's exclusive new material Sleek-Stone® provides the brand's bathtubs with a durable surface that truly embodies the stylistic elements of natural stone. Featuring easy to maintain qualities, the unique material creates a warm-to-touch feel for an elevated, elegant bathroom experience. It is crafted using a stone composite material that combines 75% natural dolomitic minerals with a unique resin, spun together using state-of-the-art casting technology and artisanal processes. Sleek-Stone® represents the future of bath materials. The Tephi bathtub and sink offering (pictured), designed by GRAFF's G+ Design Studio, is crafted with the Sleek-Stone® material. Both the soaking tub and sinks feature a warm-to-touch feel, paired with a unique and luxurious smoothness - offering users an exclusive and elegant bathroom experience. The contemporary Tephi brings forth a minimalist appeal that fits seamlessly into any design aesthetic. The material composition of the tub offers the same versatile appeal as natural stone, but is enhanced with all of the technological benefits of an advanced material.

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