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Interview With Emanuela Tavolini l Architecture Update Magazine

Customers have a very clear idea of what they would like their bathroom to look like: minimal, contemporary but comfortable, traditional looking, timeless with a modern twist. Every design inspiration needs to be satisfied, from the small detail to the large-scale project. Some companies offer faucets and matching bathtubs and washbasins for all tastes: from futuristic, cutting edge designs to modem and timeless looking collections. From complex shower systems that re-create a 'spa-like' environment to fill lines of washbasins, bathtubs and accessories, different luxury brands otter everything that is necessary to renovate, decorate or plan a bathroom from the very beginning. A wide range of finishes helps finding the right answer to all design projects.


For a quick, effortless bathroom 'refresh', replacing all 'external parts' is the best way 
to give a bathroom a new look without any building work. Changing the faucets, cabinets and accessories in a bathroom is definitely one quick make-over that doesn't require massive investments. For this reason, some high-end brands offer a wide range of bathroom and shower elements that can be replaced over the years without having to remove the concealed parts.


All wall-mounted washbasins, for example, are set up with the same rough element. This means that, once the concealed part has been mounted during the very first building phase, the external parts can be replaced every time is necessary, without any building work. The faucets can be changed from a square to a round design or from a traditional to a contemporary style with no effort. 


On the other hand, our exposed showers don't have a concealed part at all, and for this reason, can be easily and quickly replaced with no major work. As for the furniture, modular systems allow the customer to find the best solution for their bathrooms both in terms of space planning and in regards to functionality. The furniture modular systems, give the customer the possibility to combine different elements like a chest of drawers, a washbasin, a mirror and an object holder, in different ways (and quantities) to satisfy every design requirement. The different finishes add an extra character detail to the whole environment, creating a more traditional or contemporary atmosphere, according to the different wooden shades.