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GRAFF's Sospiro Faucet l Kitchen & Bath Business

Inspired by the famous bridges of Venice, GRAFF‘s Sospiro faucet is outfitted with two sleek and substantial cylindrical levers for both the single-hole and bridge models. The single-hole faucet is equipped with a pull-down spray head that includes dual-function spray and stream water flow controls for a minimalistic style that satisfies the needs of modern kitchen and bar environments.
Sospiro’s contemporary bridge design eliminates the traditional third post often associated with bridge faucets. In turn, the faucet enhances the spaces it occupies not only with a sophisticated profile, but also with elevated sanitation capabilities, separating the distribution point of hot and cold water—making it ideal for settings that are sensitive to religious cooking traditions. Sospiro is available with a matching independent side spray offering added convenience for the bar/prep faucets and the bridge kitchen faucet. As with the single-hole kitchen spray head, the side spray is equipped with a dual-function control allowing the user to easily change between spray and stream operations.

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