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In the Bathroom with GRAFF l Architect and Interior

Emanuela Tavolini: In the bathroom fixtures sector, colour has been trendy for a few years. GRAFF offers some of its contemporary collections in two distinctive black and white finishes. The two finishes are obtained through a powder coating process, that makes products resistant to scratches, chipping, abrasions, corrosion, fading and other wear issues. 

Thanks to technology and a very open minded design approach, it is now possible to create a spa-like ambience in any bathroom, even in private houses. GRAFF Wellness Program exhibits a full range of high-end shower products targeted to consumers who aspire to a shower experience that resembles the one enjoyed in a spa. Ametis Ring, for example, is a multi-function showerhead featuring rain and waterfall effect as well as a full-spectrum LED RGB colour therapy lighting system with six colours. The showerhead main body, completely empty inside, is internally designed so that the rainfall flows in a perfect angle, merging exactly below the centre of the ring.