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Interview With Emanuela Tavolini l MGS Architecture

Over the last few years, the Indian market has been a protagonist of an increasing attention towards the bathroom as a whole and towards the sanitary ware and fixtures in particular. Parallel to the country's economic and cultural development, the consumer target for luxury and super luxury bathrooms has expanded. Bathroom and shower products are more and more perceived not only as functional elements but also as design and architecture elements.

 In the luxury shower sector, GRAFF's Aqua-sense is a full sensory shower program with additional multimedia functions like chormotherapy, music and video facilities, created for a spa-like experience with its mix of water, colors and sounds. The electronic system with ceiling-mounted shower-head creates an intense central rainfall effect as well as a waterfall jet, while the RGB LED changes color, shaping diffused chromatic lines. The system is controlled by a touch-screen with a simple, intuitive interface controlling water functions, color changes, music and videos. Music can be uploaded by connecting an i-Pod to a wall-mounted USB port, while the speakers are ceiling-installed.

The system is equipped with hand-shower and adjustable side body-sprays. Demand for premium quality sanitary ware products is on the rise owing to higher income, growing awareness, and a shift in lifestyle aspirations, driving domestic sanitary ware manufacturers to increase their focus on developing innovative products. While International companies in India have been catering to the luxury bath segment with their high-end products with enhanced features, functions and looks. The luxury real estate sector, looking for the premium look in the projects, is investing in high-end products too. Remodeling of homes is also driving demand as it entails upgrading to better/latest products.