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Interview With GRAFF l Plumbing & Mechanical

Flexible use

Second, the design accommodates a wide range of individual preferences and abilities. These can include varying heights of countertops in kitchens, using levers instead of knobs on faucets, a push button spray showerhead, etc. It should also keep in mind right- and left-handed users.

“When it comes to Universal Design — and we like to call it multi-generational design — the focus is on the inhabitants of that particular household because it is about creating an environment that is going to be stylish and, at the same time, provide safety and comfort for the residents of that particular household,” says Michael Kornowa, director of marketing at MTI Baths. “ADA has absolutely no bearing on what you do. It’s all about the people in that house and will be different than the requirements and needs and desires of people in another house.”

Universal Design is here to stay, says Javier Korneluk, senior director of global sales and marketing, GRAFF.

“Even apart from ADA compliance, it is overwhelmingly tied to the age of the American consumer,” he says. “As the population ages, they are in need of designs that fit a range of needs.”


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