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GRAFF Washbasins and Bathtubs in Sleek-Stone® l The Kitchen & Bathroom Blog

ISH Frankfurt is on and we’re seeing plenty of new, exciting products being released including these gorgeous Graff washbasins and bathtubs in Sleek-Stone ®. True to its mission to promote and give value to creativity and art inside the bathroom, GRAFF presents a complete collection of bathtubs and washbasins in Sleek-Stone®.

Inside the 150 square meters of GRAFF exhibition space, ISH visitors will have the opportunity to discover the company’s Finezza and Tephi collections, which, along with Musa, Elegra, Harmonie, Charis, Sublime, Arnina and Arus, make up the range of new releases at the show.

GRAFF will debut thirteen new models in total, between washbasins and bathtubs, ranging from transitional to contemporary taste, and considerably expanding the offering for architects, interior designers and stylists.

With this new bathroom product launch, GRAFF further emphasizes its artistic and creative vocation, confirming once again, the great taste that has always distinguished the American brand. The space at the fair will feature an illuminated display of artistic images, which complement the complete range of Sleek-Stone® creations. Showcased in a range of silhouettes and installations – round, oval, rectangular and square, free-standing or drop in, floor-mounted or deck-mounted – the Sleek-Stone® basins exhibit a luxurious aesthetic and a source of relaxation for users. The material composition of each of the basins, GRAFF’s own Sleek-Stone®, is a versatile and flexible material carrying the same appeal as natural stone along with all the advantages of a technologically advanced material.

Sleek-Stone® is a composite material that combines dolomitic stone with a unique resin to create a solid surface material. GRAFF’s Sleek-Stone® features a warm-to-touch feel paired with a unique and luxurious smoothness, offering users an exclusive and elegant bathroom experience. Sleek-Stone’s® durable properties make its surfaces easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.

Each product is crafted utilising a combination of the latest, state-of-the-art casting technology and artisanal processes. Sleek-Stone® is available in a gloss or matte white finish. All bathtubs and washbasins are available, currently, in the “Matte” finish (MT), while the Finezza basin and bathtub are made exclusively in the Gloss (GL) finish.


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