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GRAFF Touch Screen Technology l Sourcing Hardware


Touch-Screen Technology

GRAFF has developed and applied the touch-screen technology to a multifunction shower system, with the aim of making the use of a highly engineered product easy for the consumer. By adopting a technology already familiar to smartphones and tablet users, the shower touchpad allows control of several multimedia functions with a simple hand touch. After an intense research and development process, the final products have been able to meet all expectations in terms of design and functionality.


As well as different water functions (light rain, heavy rain, waterfall), the Aqua-Sense shower system provides a LED lighting chromotherapy technology and the possibility to listen to music and watch videos. All these functions can be controlled from a wall-mounted touch pad with a simple and intuitive interface. The multi-media content can be uploaded through the provided USB port.

GRAFF Aqua-Sense shower system has found application in private residences and in the spa sector.


The final user can benefit from touch-screen technology, which is very user-friendly and satisfying terms of aesthetics.

It is possible to watch videos, listen to music and enjoy different shades of colour lightening.

All functions make showering a very intense moment, recreating the spa experience even inside a private house.