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Concealed modular system: M-Series by GRAFF l Hotel Management

GRAFF, manufacturer of bath and kitchen products, launched the M-Series, its latest concealed modular system for the shower. The M-Series is comprised of an assortment of trim plates, a thermostatic module valve, two diverter valves and a stop/volume valve.

With the GRAFF M-Series modular system, the installer has the option to arrange diverters and stop/volume valves in different combinations for various applications. This system allows for each piece to be aligned behind the wall in a single stacked valve, without having to connect every element with a separate pipe. When using a diverter, it is possible to choose one outlet at time, while – with each cut-off valve – it is always feasible to operate a water outlet simultaneously and independently from the one controlled by the diverter. The M-Series provides the opportunity for a personalized experience in the shower, allowing the consumer to choose from a variety of shower components, based on their preference. The system can accommodate up to seven functions with four different handles. M-Series is characterized by a minimalistic, slim profile. There are seven finishes available.  

The M-Series has handles designed to match GRAFF’s Ametis, Aqua-sense and Terra collections.


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