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Interview with Maurizio Meloda l Architect and Interiors India

Spouted Perfection

In terms of finishes, the last couple of years has been about experimenting with new finishes and new colours. “In response to this market request, GRAFF has expanded its portfolio to more than 20 finishes – from new powder-coating colours to natural brass textures. Also, new materials have been employed in the design of the bathroom fixtures,” shared Meloda. MOD+, GRAFF’s newest faucet collection, comes in 17 finished brass handles, with the possibility to personalize the handle covers with three precious marbles: Smoky White marble, Storm Black marble and Green Forest marble.

In terms of durability and aesthetics, PVD is definitely the recommended solution, Meloda suggests. “PVD (physical vapor deposition) is an innovative surface-coating process which allows one to obtain a very high level of surface hardness, as well as unparalleled resistance to atmospheric agents and house detergents.”

The use of technology represents one of the most innovative traits of modern bath solutions, specifically in faucets. GRAFF’s Ametis washbasin mixers, for example, feature an LED ring that turns blue when running water is cold… and gradually switches to red as the water warms up. “This mechanism allows the user to keep the water temperature under control and to avoid an unnecessary waste of energy as well as prevent accidental burns,” explains the director. The LED ring is powered by an internal dynamo and does not use any electric power generator.