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Interview with Maurizo Meloda l ACE Update

For having a pleasant bathing and hygiene experience, on might find it imperative to have visually appealing artistic sanitary ware and bathroom fittings, which would also complement their personality and the aura of their home. Maurizio Meloda, Technical & Operations Director, GRAFF India shares his views on aesthetic, as well as eco-friendly sanitary ware and bathroom fittings which would go hand-in-hand with the residents living in contemporary structures like high-rise buildings.  

Meloda opines that the latest trends in bathroom fittings have seen an increasing demand for faucet collections with an industrial look. GRAFF has recently presented two new collections that meet these design requests: Harley and Vintage. With a strong reference to the past, Vintage is a collection with a very distinctive design and significant dimensions. Available in 14 different finishes, and with a full range of deck-mounted, floor-mounted and ceiling-mounted elements, the series can be personalized both with the round and the lever handle. Created by GRAFF’s G+Design Studio, the concept for the Harley contemporary collection was derived from the styling of classic motorcycles, fusing an industrial aesthetic with nostalgic details of the all-American Icons. The faucets’ noteworthy handle, recalling a car steering wheel, offers a unique electric and adaptability to contemporary and technical environment.

About making the interiors more livable and sustainable, Meloda says that most eco-friendly faucets for the kitchen and the bathroom are equipped with aerators that reduce the water-flow. Some shower systems, like GRAFF’s Aqua-Sense, controlled by a touch panel, offer a choice of several rain flows and the possibility of a light water-saving shower rain. Furthermore, with Aqua-Sense, the water shuts down automatically after 10 minutes if left on by mistake.

GRAFF can provide all its washbasin faucets with water-saving aerators. The Solar collection aerator, for example, can educe the water flow from 11 to 7 liters per minute, with a considerable energy saving. GRAFF is also compliant with the LEED (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) green building rating system. This third-party certification program is benchmark for the construction of energy-saving buildings.

GRAFF’s latest creation, MOD+ faucet collection is available with eco-friendly aerators for all its washbasin faucets. GRAFF’s MOD+ collection offers a range of faucets, tub fillers and shower components epitomizing modern luxury, weaving iconic threads of color, material and functionality for a design that is undeniably distinct in versatility, aesthetic and operation. The collection underscores GRAFF’s role as a leading player in the international bathroom design scene, sharing passionate stylistic research where colors, shapes and material mixtures are distinctive elements.

MOD+ offers a unique design narrative, paring exemplary attention to detail with the best in materiality. Originating from the heart of Italy’s Tuscany region, the pure marbles available with MOD+ handle covers are offered in three variations: storm black, forest green and smokey white, along with eighteen stunning brass finishes for endless versatility and customizable combinations. The handle covers, equipped with thoughtfully manufactured brass bases and knurled detailing, may be mixed to create a cohesive focal point for the bath. Stark elegant contrasts are down between the brass finishes, marble handles and a clip on the side of each handle. This clip creates exemplary movement and an additional opportunity for customization.