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GRAFF's Aqua-Sense Shower System l Interiors & Decor

Aqua-Sense by GRAFF, is destined to become the future of shower solutions, confirming the company’s commitment to design, innovation and sustainability. Aqua-Sense by GRAFF is a full sensory shower program inspired by the feeling and luxury that one experiences at spas. The shower system is created for demanding customers who want to achieve both an innovative and high-style design. It defines the concept of home wellness with a true sensual experience created through the mix of water, colors and sounds.

The electronic system with ceiling-mounted showerhead creates a very intense central rainfall effect as well as waterfall jet. The RGB LED changes color, shaping diffused chromatic lines to produce a soothing effect of the bathroom environment. The system is controlled by a touchscreen with simple and intuitive interface controlling water functions, color changes, music and videos. Music can be easily uploaded by connecting an iPod to a wall-mounted USB port, while the speakers are ceiling-installed. The system is well equipped with hand shower and adjustable side body-sprays. From watching videos and listening to music to enjoying color therapy, the Aqua-Sense by GRAFF shower system provides a multimedia experience through the use of touchpad technology.