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Ceiling Mounted Showerheads from GRAFF l Construction and Architecture Update

GRAFF®, manufacturer of contemporary precision-engineered kitchen and bath products, has revealed the design of its latest collection, Ceiling Mounted Showerheads. Developed in stainless steel to guarantee a long-lasting, high-performing life, GRAFF’s ceiling mounted showerheads feature a minimal design. As part of GRAFF’s widely complete shower programme, the new showerheads are available in a rectangular, square and circular shape and include both rain and mist functions for a fulfilling spa experience

Create that luxurious corner in your home and experience showering like never before. GRAFF brings to your bathrooms, with its latest ceiling mounted showerheads, a piece of technology that will turn every shower into a sensory experience, melting away all the work fatigue and worries. The collection aims to create a releasing atmosphere while elevating the ambiance with the mist and light added to the natural music of water droplets.