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Gunmetal and Distressed Gunmetal Finish from GRAFF l Builder

Faucet and fixture manufacturer GRAFF has introduced two new finish options for its kitchen and bath collections: Gunmetal and Distressed Gunmetal. 

According to the manufacturer, the solid gray finishes are designed to meet the market’s desire for product portfolios with a number of custom detail options. The Gunmetal finish is solid and soft to the touch, and mixes a dark gray base with hints of brown. GRAFF recommends the finish for use in modern and contemporary bath. Distressed Gunmental offers the same tones in a finish texture that emulates a hammered stone surface. Both finishes are applied through a galvanic plating process, which incorporates an industrial waxing procedure.

Gunmetal and Distressed Gunmetal are now available for a number of GRAFF’s faucet and fixture collections, including the new Incanto Collection, pictured here, and the industrial-style Vintage and Harley Collections.

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