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Giving Thanks

Easy ways to make entertaining go smoothly
The holiday season is about family, friends and food. Smells of fresh pies and seasonings, the holidays represent a time to come together and be thankful. But, with all of the gatherings, parties and events, the holidays can also be chaotic. These five tips will help make entertaining less stressful.

  1. Make a list – keep everything organized with a list and schedule of what needs to be bought or made and when  
  2. Pick an easy menu – use your go-to menu items you’ve made a hundred time to avoid any cooking surprises
  3. Freeze it! – once you have your menu established, make some of the appetizers or desserts in advance to save your energy on the day of the party
  4. Self-Serve – set up a self-service cocktail bar with garnishes, mixers and alcohol where guests can create their own concoction
  5. The dishes can wait – enjoy your dinner conversations, the dishes will be there tomorrow