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Eine globale Ästhetik


L.A.-based designer Linette Dai’s intuitive interiors are attracting serious attention for their universal appeal, emphasis on custom craftsmanship, and warm, earthy palette. GRAFF dug deep with Dai about her design influences and philosophy, and reasons for selecting GRAFF for projects.

Eine globale Ästhetik
Interior designer Linette Dai


How did you find yourself drawn toward interior design?

From a very young age, I was fascinated by space planning. I noticed that by altering the orientation and placement of key furniture items to a more optimal layout, you can completely transform the visual appeal and functionality of a space, thereby affecting your entire mood and energy. I’m also a painter, and being an artist is in my blood, so interior design is an ideal profession as it embodies both logistical and creative requirements. It wasn’t until my mid-thirties that I pursued it formally as a career--the path actually found me without me seeking it.

Eine globale Ästhetik
GRAFF’s Terra Collection

What are your influences?

My two major influences are travel and nature. I had somewhat of a nomadic upbringing and have lived in three different countries, which has resulted in my designs reflecting a very universal aesthetic. Most of the spaces we design have a global appeal and don’t appear to be tied to a specific geographic location. Art is the common language that can be shared by all. Perhaps it’s my not having ever planted roots that translates into a minimal, clean approach - only retaining what’s truly valuable and worthy of taking up space.

We curate design concepts from novel inspiration found all over the world, as we are passionate about custom, handmade craftsmanship and unexpected or subtle details. In terms of nature, all of the best color palettes can be discovered organically.

Eine globale Ästhetik
Eine globale Ästhetik

How would you describe your design approach when working with clients?

We design a client’s home with three main pillars in mind. First and foremost, it begins with an intuitive and intangible capturing of the clients’ essence which is a combination of their personality, presence, and communication style. This is considered in conjunction with their practical daily needs when it comes to their lifestyle and preferences. Secondly, we honor the architectural qualities of the home, making sure that the style pays respect to any historical elements if applicable. If it is a new build custom home, we have free rein. Thirdly, we stay true to our brand values of quality, artistry and everyday luxury.

Eine globale Ästhetik
GRAFF’s M.E. Collection in a Polished 24K Gold finish

What was it about GRAFF’s M.E. Collection that prompted you to choose it for the earthy, modern, minimalist Seal Beach project?

I was drawn to the refined elegance and simplicity of the M.E. Collection. In the powder room, where we love to add a little drama, the 24K Gold finish elevates the space and serves as an impeccable piece of statement jewelry without being overly fussy. In the primary bath, the Polished Brass fixtures act as gorgeous accent pieces in the midst of a calm, serene backdrop, and are the perfect blend of modernity and timelessness.

Eine globale Ästhetik
GRAFF’s M.E. Collection

How was your experience working with GRAFF?

We worked with a distributor so did not have the pleasure of working with GRAFF directly. However, I have no complaints whatsoever. The products are beautiful, and the clients were enamored with the end results.

Eine globale Ästhetik
The M.E. Collection in a Brushed Rose Gold finish



Design: @linettedaidesign

Builder: @dlcbuilders

Photographer: Sara Tramp @tramp.studio

Styling: @emilyedithbowser



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